Alex, I’ll take “Things You Didn’t Know About Mme Emily” for $100 please.

In 1984, Mme Emily strapped on the first of many pairs of these pink slippers.

Answer, for the daily double… ballet slippers!

Yes folks, from then on I was hooked… and I still am.  Now, I’m not nearly as bendy as I was at the height of my dancing days but I still value flexibility both physically and intellectually.  What’s been surprising me lately is the way that students use materials flexibly.  I’ve been astounded by the number of times I’ve discovered the children playing with something in one area of the classroom that I thought would never wander from its home.  It’s fascinating.  Children collaborate and work independently as they put materials to all kinds of new and interesting uses.

This is the bin we use for our inside shoes. Now it’s a house. You can’t see it in the picture but she also has a clipboard propped up against the wall and she was very busy writing with it.
This is a piece of driftwood I collected as a child and a stick that the children brought in from outside. It’s now a musical instrument.
Reading in the block centre… we took the shelves out so that we could fit in more blocks. It turns out they make perfect reading corners. Very cozy and great for sharing!
Turtles and dominoes no longer in the mathematics area, now being used as inventory and currency in a store… which is also a throne, I think.

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