In with the new!

We were allowed in this week, the renovations were finally, finally over. 

Here’s what the classroom looked like in July


This isn’t the same classroom that I was in last year, we’re across the hall now.  They’ve torn down a wall at this point and are putting in plumbing.

Here’s mid-August

ImageGetting better, still lots of work to do… no flooring yet!

And this is the Wednesday before school starts!


And our fabulous coat hooks – in the classroom, not in the hallway!


And our new bathroom.  No more 4-year-olds getting lost in the basement.


We did lots of work last week and we have more to do before the kids arrive on Wednesday but it’s looking fabulous… a-ma-zing.  I can’t wait to show you!


2 thoughts on “In with the new!

  1. You are very lucky to have it all done for the start of school. My school expanded from two to four all day kindergarten classes. The construction started in May and they are still not ready. They are hoping for the two original classes to be ready on Tuesday. Here’s Hoping.

    P.S. Good luck and have fun this new school year.

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