How do inquiry teachers teach?

A great post explaining how we spend our days (a reblog).
What do you think it means?

Inquire Within

This post was first published a few weeks ago on my own blog  It has sparked many useful discussions for me both on and off line. Given the followers of THIS illustrious blog are such keen inquirers, I thought I might post it here too – always interested in continuing and growing the conversation as I work with teachers around the world and at home in Australia.  So, here’s what I’ve been wondering….

When I first became fascinated by inquiry-based approaches (too many years ago to say!), the focus for many of my conversations and indeed, my early research, was on how to plan.  Back then, learning about inquiry helped me shift my thinking from planning thematically – or even in a more genuinely integrated way, to planning with a learning process in mind.  Understanding inquiry helped me think MUCH more carefully about learning. Planning was no…

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