A Blank Slate

I’m starting at a new school this year.  New challenges, new kids, and ta-da… a new classroom!

Unfortunately, I’m only allowed to look at it from the doorway; like Romeo and Juliet in the balcony scene, I can only love it from afar.

Floors need to cure and a window needs to be installed.  These things take time and nothing is ever simple.  Hopefully, we can get it all together by the first day! Say a little prayer!

If you have any ideas for the space, please leave them in the comments.  We’re all ears!

That plywood will be a window soon!
That plywood will be a window soon!

ELK2014 room2ELK 2014 room 3


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  1. Paul Gauchi says:

    That is probably the cleanest you will see that room ever again. Use the pole as a part of a natural divider. Perhaps one side is a dramatic play area. Use that cubbie wall for maybe the alphabet and word wall or creative writing wall. just a copy of ideas.

    1. Thanks for those great ideas! I’m sure it will never be that clean again!

  2. Photos of teeny-tiny things – elf doors, miniature towns, miniature food, model train sets, doll houses, animals (real and plastic). I could stare at photos like that ALL DAY. Wait… unless you don’t want the kids just staring at awesome photos all day? Hmmm. Maybe just a soft bed then.

    1. The soft bed is for me? That’s an awesome idea – how I will sleep with 30 little kids running around, I’m not sure!

  3. Tammy Plarina says:

    You will make it an awesome and welcoming place for discovery and learning, because you are an amazing teacher!

    1. Thanks Tammy! I hope everyone has a wonderful year!

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