A snippet of a post that I wrote on the last week of school…

We’re out of tape in the classroom. Completely.
It’s been a few days without tape and things are getting dire.
Today, as I unwrapped some early end-of-year presents, the scavengers descended. They took the used but still sticky tape. The took the wrapping paper. Right out of my hands… gone!
It quickly turned into a design competition – who could create the best tissue paper dress in the least amount of time?

As funny as it was, I was delighted by their scavenging.  It made me feel that we’ve done something right this year.  We’ve preserved their ingenuity and imagination, fed it, recognized it, aided and abetted it.  I sometimes joke that the biggest part of my ballet technique job is not to screw it up; avoiding bad technical habits is as important as teaching good ones.  I feel the same way about parts of my classroom job.  If, by the end of the year, I can look at the kids and honestly declare that we’ve honoured them as people and preserved their creative impulses, whatever they are (whether they involved spinners made of snap cubes, huge block towers, or paper dresses), then I can comfortably say we’ve done our jobs.  Maybe “first, do no harm” should be our oath too.

high fashion

In with the new!

We were allowed in this week, the renovations were finally, finally over. 

Here’s what the classroom looked like in July


This isn’t the same classroom that I was in last year, we’re across the hall now.  They’ve torn down a wall at this point and are putting in plumbing.

Here’s mid-August

ImageGetting better, still lots of work to do… no flooring yet!

And this is the Wednesday before school starts!


And our fabulous coat hooks – in the classroom, not in the hallway!


And our new bathroom.  No more 4-year-olds getting lost in the basement.


We did lots of work last week and we have more to do before the kids arrive on Wednesday but it’s looking fabulous… a-ma-zing.  I can’t wait to show you!